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My Life Integrated is a business coaching organization.
We help you get organized and get clear about your business, so that you have more time for other things.

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Welcome to My Life Integrated

We help you get organized and get clear about your business,
so that you have more time for other things.
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3 Ways To Make This Quarter Stronger

1) Turn Off Distractions So You Can Be More Focused a) Set your phone to Do Not Disturb Mode (you can allow favorites, so your family and even key clients or co-workers can still contact you) b) Use a plug in to make seeing your news feed inside Facebook impossible, while you get your work done on your business pages and in Facebook groups. (See our recent blog here for details.) 2) Get Clear On What Actions Are Creating Results a) Look at your metrics. What went well for last quarter and also the year? What did you improve? What did you learn? How does progress line up with your key targets for the year and the quarter? b) Whatever your key or only project focus was for the month and quarter, how did that go? How is it going? What went well this past month or months. And what can be improved? c) If you don’t have a definitive 1 thing you are focused on for the quarter or the month, what would it take to be more focused on making defined progress on 1 key business improvement? What steps can you take from today through the end of the quarter to bring about change? Remember to be honest with yourself about what you can really achieve. And also remember that you need to measure success. So how are you measuring improvement? How will you know if you succeeded? 3) Create A Plan To Achieve Your Targets For The Year And This Quarter a) What are 1-2 sub goals you can achieve each month? If you already have...