Balance - Finding Your Own Ying and Yang

Bringing harmony and your own version of balance to work and home life...

  • Are you looking at where you are in life, and where you want to be and need an outside perspective to help navigate this path?
  • Is your company trying to embrace a diverse work-force that is demanding or desperately needing ways to increase flexibility in the workday, and how work gets done without impacting productivity?
  • Do you or members in your company need to start working from home some of the time, and aren?t sure how to be effective at it?
  • Are more and more of your clients and teams working remotely, globally, and as a company owner you aren?t sure how working from home and working remotely can be managed, tracked and successful?
For many years struggled with being creative, and feminine and yet excelling in a male dominate, left-brain world that required I stifled those traits in myself in order to succeed with that corporate structure. But I found denying what made me uniquely me was doing a disservice to myself and the teams I worked with. Whether they and I knew it. I began bringing my creative visual skills into my daily work, which became valued by my team members. And I allowed myself to be more in my feminine energy. Eventually I decided that working in that type of environment wasn?t the best fit for me, and I became an entrepreneur, and independent consultant. A solution that was at first scary, but at the same time felt very right.

Working remotely and working flexible is something more and more employees are looking for and needing. And what many business owners have found to be not only more cost effective, but also led surprisingly to increased productivity for themselves and their staff. Let me bring my experience working on a Big 4?s Work/Life balance program, managing one of the initiative?s pilots, launching a second Pilot to work for you. As a change management consultant, I have facilitated group sessions that help groups work better together, and have helped many different organizations embrace champion changes, both cultural and technical.

I have been managing teams and working remotely myself for over 15 years. Let me share with you and your team the best ways to get the most productivity out of yourself and the team while working remotely. And let me help you as a business owner, implement checks and balances to determine for yourself, which employees are best suited for remote work, and which are not. And let me help you help those that are struggling become successful, remote workers who are able to take more control over their daily lives while giving you additional productivity and loyalty because of the work/life programs you implement.

The era of ?left-brain?dominance ? and the Information Age that is engendered ? is giving way to a new wold in which artistic and holistic ?rigth-brain?s abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who falls behind.? Daniel H. Pink

author of A Whole New Mind