It’s Time To Promote And Nurture Your Best People

It’s Time To Promote And Nurture Your Best People

I was recently talking with one of my 1-on-1 coaching clients about imbalances in their team, and how that had negatively impacted their best and brightest people. Our best resources deserve to be elevated and honored for their loyalty, commitment and rock-star status. But often, especially when we are so busy doing the day to day, they are not.

This includes hiring the best person for the job – period. There is a lot of talk these days about doing the opposite. And honestly, that isn’t going to net you the best outcomes. I’m not saying don’t cast a wide net, with open arms for all possibilities. But let’s make sure we hire based on capability, not something else (including desperation). Because when we hire for other reasons, everyone suffers (including your new hire).

The other part of this equation is: If you allow sub-par resources to remain sub-par (by refusing to help them reach their potential; refusing to manage them and give them direction; refusing to give heart-centered accountability and definitions of success people crave; or refusing to admit you made a hiring mistake) then you will lose your best people.

I know in the past few years, there are pockets of our economy where employers were desperate to have anyone work for them. However, to state the obvious – desperation is never a good long term strategy. And while it is understandable in the moment, that energy will harm a business faster than anything else.

Yes, that can mean some difficult conversations and difficult actions.

Yes, that can be painful in the short term.

And yes, a coach who can be your sounding board and also help you hold yourself accountable to move into stronger ways of being in your organization is a good idea.

It sucks to admit we made a hiring mistake. It sucks to admit we haven’t been the leader our team deserves.

Yet it feels awesome for everyone when you level up. And you will be amazed at how quickly and positively your people respond to you new energy and ability to be there for them.

And a little known secret – people who have quietly quit are often relieved when you either step up and mange them so they succeed – or if that is not possible – allow them to resign. Because this isn’t a congruent, in-ethics way of being, no one benefits from it. Even the employee doing it.

So step up, and be the leader your team needs – even if it’s messy and hard. And if you need a little confidential help – email or DM me and book a private session.