When Life Hands You Lemons, Find A Way To Make Some Awesome Lemonade

When Life Hands You Lemons, Find A Way To Make Some Awesome Lemonade

Sometimes in life, I have felt the need to increase my vibrational energy. The first time was right after a breakup. I was so heartbroken, I didn’t know if I would recover. But I knew if I let myself get stuck in that negative place, I wouldn’t get out of life what I should. And so I actively looked for ways to increase my vibrational energy.

A few weeks later, due to completely crazy set of events, I was sitting on a beach in Greece. Sent there, first class, for work. Talk about a complete turn around of circumstances!

More recently, my man and I were both going through a slow period financially. And as we have a tendency to either pull each other up, or spiral each other down, I decided I needed to do something to consistently and consciously increase my vibrational energy on a daily basis.

And while I cannot say I’m writing this on the beach in some exotic local, all expenses paid, I can say that life is a very happy place right now. And things are definitely on the upswing. : )

Enter “The Secret” and “The Magic”
The first time I bought?The Secret by Rhonda Bryne, and watched the DVD or listened to the unabridged audio every day. The second more recent time, I purchased The Magic, also by Rhonda Bryne.

The Secret was great for me at the time, because since my emotions were so up and down, something that was visual and audio, that I didn’t need to “do” anything with other than watch or listen, even when doing other things was perfect for me.

This more recent time, I felt like I needed to be more active and create tools that I could use to intentionally bring my mood up. Intentionally elevate my energy. So I chose the book, because it is a 28 day program of gratitude.

What I love about The Magic is it’s pretty do-able. A lot of 1 month long plans feel to cumbersome. yes, there have been a few days where I was too busy to read another chapter. But on those days, I still did the daily gratitude practice, and then consciously chose a few of the gratitude practices learned in other days, and did those. So while it might have taken me 31 days to do the 28 day guide, I was still living in gratitude daily, at a higher level than before.

Another reason I love this book, is that it recommends two daily practices that I had been doing for a number of years, but then had stopped doing in the rush of the morning. The silly thing is being grateful for 10 things every morning and finding 1 or more things to be grateful for at the end of the day, doesn’t really take any time. I can do it as I begin to wake up and as I drift to sleep. But the start and end the day on a such a better note.

Trust me there were times when I felt like I had nothing to really be all that excited about. And I think that’s why I had stopped doing the lists every morning. But Rhonda has such a great enthusiasm for life that she reminded me to get over myself and be happy for so MUCH that was in my life and going right. And even listed page after page of things and ways to be grateful for all the things in our world we can view through the lens of gratitude.

I know “increasing vibrational energy” might be a little new age terminology for some people. But how about instead if we thought of it as actively doing something each day to make us happier. There are things in this book that when you do them, you’d be hard pressed, even if in a down and out situation to not feel a little better.

Here an example of what I mean. I’m self employed. And there is a cyclical nature to my business. And I chose to do this book, during the down turn in that sales cycle. One of the very first days exercises is about feeling gratitude for your job, and all aspects of it. And a few hours after I did the exercises, I received multiple emails from people about potential new work. When I hadn’t heard anything from anyone in weeks.

I know some people might call it coincidence, but that is the type of synchronisities that kept occurring the entire time I was going through the book.

Here’s another example. My partner, who did not read the book with me, was on the phone with me one day. He got pulled over for talking on the phone while driving. It took me a minute – but I text him back and said – quick “be grateful for the magnificent outcome of this encounter.” Even though the cop did give him a ticket, my partner and he talked for about 5 minutes afterwards, and my man still has a smile on his face when he talks about that morning’s conversation and getting pulled over. As crazy as that may seem – the techniques in this book really do help elevate one’s mood level and help you create synchronicities for oneself. And also just help you possibly look at life a little more warmly and in the process, just be in a better mood overall.

I would highly recommend The Magic to anyone looking to add a little more happiness in their life. Or who, was like me, is in a bit of a slump and needed a way to maintain good mood and elevate the mood on occasion. And I would suggest The Secret to everyone. As I think it is a wonderful compilation of many great minds on the subject of life and The Law of Attraction.

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