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As a consultant, I help teams execute towards those end results and setup management systems to enable accountability and ownership.

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My Proven 2 Pronged Approach For Enhanced User Adoption And System Uptake

The need for enhanced user and system adoption normally reveals itself after an implementation has occurred that isn’t meeting adoption targets. It can also start when a team knows it will need additional help to increase voluntary use of the system after it launches, and decides to get a head start on the design/adoption loop.

What Do You Do When User Adoption Doesn’t Match Expectations?

What happens when your engineers built new functionality you thought everyone would love, and your user adoption has yet to catch up to your expectations? Do you want to make sure, before your next system upgrade, that your work and the work of your team goes into something your users will actually embrace?
Don’t stress, this is actually doable with a little outside help.

You Implemented A System, But Your User Engagement Isn’t Happening – Now What?

There are 2 phases of Change Management and Organizational Alignment that occur with a system implementation. The first is the most obvious – it happens during the initial implementation. The second, follows that implementation and is a step many organizations miss. Missing or shortening this 2nd phase directly impacts ongoing user adoption and engagement.

How to Increase Both Experiment Success And User Adoption

What Happens When End Users Don’t Use What You As An Engineer Built? Do you want better experiment results? Did you create enhancements you felt certain users would love, but for some reason they aren’t using? This can happen more often than we would like to admit. The good news is, there are some simple easy ways to solve the puzzle and increase experiment success.