How to Increase Both Experiment Success And User Adoption

Build It And They Will Come, They Said. And You Did, But They Didn’t Use It.

What Happens When End Users Don’t Use What You As An Engineer Built?

Do you want better experiment results? Did you create enhancements you felt certain users would love, but for some reason they aren’t using?

This can happen more often than we would like to admit. The good news is, there are some simple easy ways to solve the puzzle and increase experiment success.

I help Engineers increase the success of their experiments by giving them user data to help design in ways that both their clients and the end users desire and require. I don’t have a crystal ball. I do however have a proven, 2 step method to uncover why adoption isn’t there, and what to change to get it.

The challenge is that end users often think differently than both those who design the system (the Engineers), and those who direct the needs for the system to fulfill (Management). When drilling down into real use cases, I often uncover additional use cases, or nuances to existing use cases, that help solve the user adoption puzzle.

Everyone has organizational goals. The solution is finding how to mesh the various needs together, so that more people are happy with the outcome. When this occurs, the experiment can be deemed a success and rolled out for wider audiences with the assurance of enhanced adoption and additional change champions to help clear the way.

And equally important, those in management are happier because their vision for streamlined processes and cost/time savings are met.

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