Shiny Object Syndrome + Facebook = Time Wasted, Until I Implemented This Free Tool

Shiny Object Syndrome + Facebook = Time Wasted, Until I Implemented This Free Tool

If you are like me, you go to jump onto Facebook to use the email feature, or to schedule a post, or interact with those on your page.. and then you get distracted. That little red circle with a number on it telling you what you are missing keeps calling. And you jump on for just a minute and 15 minutes later…

Or, you want to use Facebook as a Sales Tool, because you keep some great pictures in albums there, but you are afraid that if you bring up your Facebook on your page, that you will have that 1 friend from High School posting something massively inappropriate.. and you might loose a sale.

Well, there’s a way to block your Newsfeed when you need to.

I used this one tool to do work on my Facebook Business pages, while never logging onto and being distracted by my Facebook Newsfeed even once in the past 3 days. I’m not even kidding. :)? Yes its possible, even for a Facebook addict.

From the Movie UP.

There are Facebook Newsfeed blockers you can use that simply block your personal Facebook Newsfeed while enabling you to continue to work and view your Business Pages, and also your Groups. (As many of us use the Groups for business as well.)

If you have Chrome here’s a popular plug in: Newsfeed Eradicator:

If you have Safari, use: Newsfeed Blocker For Facebook (in the Ap Store)

Both are free.

Simple install on your computer, and then turn off or on with a click of a mouse. I found that after about a month of using this tool I stopped even wanting to see my newsfeed during the day or night. As I type this I haven’t been in my Newsfeed all week. Which is something I didn’t think was even possible. 🙂 However I have been on Facebook daily, working inside my business pages and also the groups I belong to that are relevant for my business.

Give one a try, and see how much more productive your Facebook business time can be.