Why Use A Business Coach?

Why Use A Business Coach?

We know instinctively the value of a coach for athletes, but a lot of times we forget how sports and the rest of our life can correlate. Coaches can be used for a variety of things. And the best sessions have objectives and set action steps agreed to in between each session for the client, so that traction in life if made. And results are more easily achieved.

For small business owners, coaches are a great sounding board and wealth of information. Sometime they also help us remember some of the things we forgot that worked so well in the past. They help us get back to basics in ways we can?t do on our own because we are too wrapped up in the day to day issues and the emotional charge surrounding them. Like sales, marketing and managing our people, driving results of smaller projects and keeping it all in perspective. And a lot of times, as strange as it sounds, or as simple as it sounds – being able to talk out loud about the issues and stresses of running or managing a company, to an unbiased, yet supportive coach can be highly helpful in enabling clarity within the mind of the executive.

Coaches are great for executives and junior executives as well. Coaches can help their clients brainstorm ways to meet and exceed their current challenges and obligations. Sometimes also acting as a sounding board for ideas, and ways to deal with a particular challenging person or work project. Offering accountability if an executive needs a little push in making it through a project they don?t want to do (for whatever reason) or are struggling with. And offering supportive feedback and helping their clients celebrate the little wins along the way.

Coaches are also great when you are looking for a job. When looking for a new job, in or outside a current industry, a coach helps a client determine what types of jobs are best for them. And can also be a great other neutral viewpoint when determining if a job offer is the right fit. (Based on going back to what was previously defined as important and not important for the client in the job search.) Coaches are great people to ask to review your resume, and your cover letters to another opinion. Job search documentation is one of those things that a lot of people get hung up on. And end up in analysis paralysis. Having a coach, who also has experience in hiring and reviewing resumes, can be very valuable.

Can we do any or all of the above on our own? Sure. Will we always be as effective? No. The beauty of a coach is that they don?t have an agenda, other than to help their client?s succeed. They have the ability, if you want, to hold their clients accountable for action steps each week. Which helps if we ourselves are floundering, and need accountability. And because they have numerous clients, all experiencing similar types of circumstances and challenges, they have all that background to pull from when working with their current clients. Also, the synergy of using two people?s brain trusts instead of just one, is almost always better than trying to go it alone. Especially if going it alone is not getting the desired results.

I have used coaches and accountability partners for various stages in my career. And I have been lucky enough to also coach wonderful people going through various phases or challenges in their careers. Both sides are rewarding in their own way. While we often think of coaches for football, basketball and other sports. We often forget that outside of sports is another playing field, where coaches are equally helpful and effective.

When have you used a coach? And what were some of you successes during that time?

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