Helping CEOs, Executives & Entrepreneurs define what’s important to their success and guiding them through removing the blocks to achieve those results.

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As a business coach, I act as a business advisor and facilitate mindset shifts while helping define action steps, processes and systems to achieve key results. I also act as a confidential sounding board for my clients.

As a consultant, I help teams execute towards those end results and setup management systems to enable accountability and ownership.

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Bringing small business? social media and marketing into the 21st Century…

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Bringing the small business, big business success without the big-business attitude…


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Female and Male Energy

There is a lot of talk these days about ?Male? energy. And unfortunately a lot of that talk makes it sound like to have male energy is ?wrong.? And that the only logical energy to possess is ?Female? energy. The logic is a little off. The reason for wars, the greed of SOME corporations, and oppression of women is that there was/is an imbalance in the world right now.