Social Media - Marketing for the Web Age

Bringing small business? social media and marketing into the 21st Century...

Need more social media for your business, but not sure where to start, or what is important to you and your business? We will show you how to reach thousands more people immediately than you could possibly reach via traditional paper methods. We will setup a system for you, and make the system easy to add to and easy to maintain long after we are gone. And we will leave behind simple cheat sheets to help you teach an assistant to do these things for you.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, including the tools used to run these systems, are all much easier to maintain and add to than most company websites. We will show you how to create accounts for your company, and easily maintain and grow your following and marketing through these tools.

We will take the fear out of social media for you. And help you turn that energy into a positive creative force that allows you to make better, more focused contact with your current clients, while drawing new clients to you with ease. Clients new and old will see you as a more modern company. And many clients will keep you top of mind because of your new social media marketing campaign.

WARNING: Working with us may lead to social media addiction!

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Since I started social media two weeks ago, just on Facebook alone, I?ve had contact with 7,000 new possible clients, than I would have without Facebook. With an average of one hour worth of work a week put into it. As of today, 6 new jobs have been sold and completed to-date due to working with Michelle at My Life Integrated. Devine Design - Orange County, CA

General Contractor

Michelle took a guy who basically is a caveman typing with two thumbs, and brought him into modern times quickly and with ease, teaching him how to do social media for his books. If this caveman can do it with a little training from My Life Integrated, anyone can. The Refined Caveman

author of a self-help series for men, which helps them embrace their inner caveman